i Qualitative Idiosyncratic Xenodochium fake (NULL) 0 i otherwise known as Electric Transcendence fake (NULL) 0 i fake (NULL) 0 i Maintained by Jason Nemrow, W5JSN fake (NULL) 0 i fake (NULL) 0 i``` fake (NULL) 0 i I put things here that I like fake (NULL) 0 i and use. I am sharing because that fake (NULL) 0 i is what the internet used to be. fake (NULL) 0 i fake (NULL) 0 i``` fake (NULL) 0 1audio /audio quix.us 70 + iI collect and record audio. There are some podcasts that I like and fake (NULL) 0 ithe latest episodes are included here as well. fake (NULL) 0 1mishmash /mishmash quix.us 70 + iThese are things that are in a poor state and may never be fake (NULL) 0 icleaned up properly. Both jewels and junk here. fake (NULL) 0 1navdisc /navdisc quix.us 70 + iThis is Navigiary Discovery. Wander about and learn things. fake (NULL) 0 1pages /pages quix.us 70 + iThis is many of the written things I have done in the past, along fake (NULL) 0 iwith a few things from others. It was brought over from a wiki fake (NULL) 0 ithat I used to run. fake (NULL) 0 1phlog /phlog quix.us 70 + iHere is a poor record of Jason's changes to this server. fake (NULL) 0 1repo /repo quix.us 70 + iI wish there was some rhyme or reason to my selection and arrangement fake (NULL) 0 iof file repositories, which run the gamut from old CP/M collections, fake (NULL) 0 ithrough DOS, to antique Linux distributions. Many things are lost to fake (NULL) 0 itime and may only be available here. fake (NULL) 0 0spartan /spartan.gemini quix.us 70 + iThis is a combination gopher and spartan server. If you click fake (NULL) 0 ion this file with a spartan client, you will see the gemtext fake (NULL) 0 imarkup rendered as intended. There are links to other resources fake (NULL) 0 ito which you can take advantage. fake (NULL) 0 1text /text quix.us 70 + iThese are many, many text files collected by Jason Scott (Sadowsky) fake (NULL) 0 ifrom his days as a Computerized Bulletin Board System (CBBS) junkie. fake (NULL) 0 iI could have been on of these guys as well, but I didn't have the fake (NULL) 0 iresources. fake (NULL) 0